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Avoid Lethal Legal Writing

22nd March 2016, 12.30-2.30pm, Manchester City Centre

Sarah Fox, the 500 Word Lawyer, will help us to understand how to write better, whether we are writing legal precedents, emails or client newsletters.

Quickly learn Sarah’s simple 5-step process to create more effective written documents for everything from emails to reports.

Do you want your internal and external clients to read what you write, in the way you intend it? Do you want to cut down on using red pens? Do you want your communications to be clear and crisp? This talk will provide tips to help you improve your written documents and get yourself understood first time.


Sarah helps construction specialists (and their lawyers) write simpler contracts to build trusting relationships as well as successful projects. After 15 years with a global law firm, Sarah set up her own business to provide training on construction law and contracts.

During her workshops, she realized how few clients and their lawyers read the contracts they were signing and developed a 500-word contract for use as a training tool. Clients liked it enough to ask her to buy it and this led her back into legal practice, writing simple contracts for SMEs in the industry.

Her series of 500-word construction contracts and accompanying books are designed so that you can read, understand and use them. Her first book “Just 500 Words! How You Can (and Why You Should) Write Simpler Letters of Intent” Is due for publication in 2016.

You can connect with Sarah via LinkedIn or on twitter @500wordlawyer or follow her blog at

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